image comments - event at Balboa Park Christmas on The Prado - public watching and listening to KHAUSAK

We are so glad that you have truly enjoy our music; it is a sincere pleasure to receive unexpected correspondence of people like yourself and find out that the sound of our music has touch you somehow. We are the ones that are honor and that thank you from our hearts.

We have been working on our new website and it is almost here. The creation of the website was a two step process: first we had to re-think the way our new look was going to be and of course create from scratch all the new elements that will be part of the website. We have been running some test to see if everything was working fine and once it is complete we can move to phase two which is the creation of our Online Store. We do sincerely apologize for the delay but we needed to finish the first phase since those are the elements (edited materials: images, video, content/text, music, and a lot of coding) we will be using in the implementation of the Online Store.

However, if you really want to get one of our music CD you could stop by at any of the events that we participate, please check our google-calendar and/or stop by our outdoor-store at Old Town in San Diego. If you live outside our sunny city, we have created an account with PayPal and we could arrange the shipment and handling of your order.

Please contact us via email or telephone at: 1-858-384-6813 or in Hawaii 1-808-534-7070


e-mail from INDIANA
Posted at 12:27 pm June 18, 2008 by Kathy

Some dear friends went to Hawaii and they found your Walk With Me CD. They gifted it to me because I play Native American Flute Music for my 32 wolves. It keeps them calm and relaxed, this then allows visitors to go out and sit with them. Your music is breathtakingly beautiful.

Thank you Hugs and Howls Kathy and the Wolf Creek Packs

e-mail from SAN DIEGO Beautiful Music!!!!
Posted at 18:30 pm NOV 28, 2007 by Angie

I just bought two of your cd's at Kobey's Swapt Meet....this past weekend. I just want to say thank you! Your music is beautiful, relaxing, and unlike any other that I've heard. I will truly enjoy your music on a daily basis here at work and at home!
Best wishes for you and your family! xxAngiexx

e-mail from SAN DIEGO Love Your Music
Posted at 01:40 am SEP 21, 2007 by Lanre

Hi, love your music.
I bought two of your albums near Old Town when I was in San Diego several years ago. I can see you have other albums on your website but there is nowhere to purchase them. Not on your website or Amazon or Buy or iTunes or anywhere else that I can find on the web. So, how and where can we buy your albums since we don't live in or near San Diego?
Thanks, Lanre Akinyemi

e-mail from ECUADOR Saludos de Ecuador
Posted at 17:08 SEP 22, 2007 by Edwin

Hi, love your music.
Que mas panas les felicito pero porque no me dijeron que tenian el sitio web, esta todo pleno, no se olviden de los panas de Ecuador, un saludo para todos soy Pato el duro de la R...., ya saben espero que cuando vengan podamos charlar, suerte y chao.
sigan adelante, Edwin Bastidas

e-mail from visitors to Hawaii
Posted at 12:31 NOV 1, 2007 by Debbie

Purchase of CD's.
Is there a way to purchase your CD's online? I checked on but could not find any of your CD's. My husband and I thouroughly enjoy listening to your The Life of the Wind CD that we purchased on our honeymoon in Hawaii. We would love to be able to purchase others.
Thank you, Debbie Howard

e-mail from KOREA Airforce Base
Posted at 15:10 DEC 13, 2007 by Jesse

The Life Of The Wind CD,
I just got the CD today Can I have the CD Cover Art for this cd? The 200x200 image on the site is not clear. Can I have a larger clearer picture for Album Art?
Thank you - Jesse Apple

e-mail from Northern GERMANY
Posted at 03:49 MAR 5, 2008 by Manyou

Like your music
I am from germany and i would like to say that i really like your music! But I dont know where to get your music
Greetings form Northern Germany - Keep doing the good work Manyou

e-mail from SAN DIEGO Hung
Posted at 18:39 MAY 10, 2008 by Hung

Hi, do you do wedding?
I love your music.
Hung Tran

e-mail from ECUADOR Fernando
Posted at 15:10 MAY 29, 2008 by JFGA

Hola pasaba por aqui de pasada y de pronto vi la pagina de khausak y me impresiono mucho.
No sabria quien es el revisa este email pero el que lea este coreo primeramente reciba cordial saludo y un abrazo fraterno de parte de este humilde servidor que esta muy lejos....pese a la distancia no hemos olvidado de ustedes ok. sigan adelante con mucho ñeque y gara, la constancia y la perseverancia es muy importante para nuestro deseo metas y otras cosas que queramos.......
saludos a todos y los quiero mucho.........
a ver si me regalan un cd de khausak ya que no tengo uno, quiero una de cada produccion.....espero los cd ok.
Bueno me despido ya que tengo clases en 10 minutos, sino ya saben yo sigo escribiendo de largo ..... Kayakama. att. JFGA Fernando Gualán

e-mail from ECUADOR Pedro Khipo
Posted at 23:39 JUL 24, 2008 by JFGA

Saludos cordiales de la Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Fernando Daquilema Ltda., auguramos los mejores éxitos en el desarrollo del arte musical indígena e intercultural.

Pedro Khipo


Khausak musical group member playing a typical Andean instrument - Manuel Aguagallo