biography photograph onf the Khausak Musical Group members playing andean and modern instruments

I was born in the province of Chimborazo Parroquia Cacha in Ecuador (South America), land of the Puruayes, Duchicelas and Morocho; I am a descendent of a historical pueblo and one hundred percent native.

When I was seven years old I discovered my capacity to learn music and develop musical instruments, I manufactured an instrument called "Rondador" which was used to go herding, my main activity in those days.

At nine years of age, I abandoned my community and my "chaquiñanes" to go live in the big cities of Ecuador, acquiring influences from the tropical rhythms during that time.

At age 15 went back to natural instruments like the "Rondador," "Quena," "Zampoña," and “Charango," then at age 16 participated in a group playing Andean music.

At age 18 I was invited to a contest organized by the Ecuadorian Government for Hispanic Education, the result being a total success; I participated during the next nine years working and organizing community workshops with the Ecuadorian people under the project name of "Feria Educativa" (Educative Fair), belonging to the "Ecuador Estudia" (Ecuador Studies).


As a result of the music projects I promoted distributing flyers in and out of the country (at the age of 27), I was recognized in the United States as a musician showcasing the "Cacha" traditions of Ecuador.
I received an invitation in 1990 on behalf of the "SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION" to attend the "World Festival of Music and Dance" in which I participated and had exchanges with different cultures from around the world.


In 1992, I participated in the Exposition of Native Music of the Quichuas of Ecuador, Peru y Bolivia, organized by the "SAN DIEGO MUSEUM OF MAN."
During 1993 through 1999 I have participated in different states like Arizona, Nevada (Las Vegas), New Mexico, Hawaii and California with the North American Native Indians where there have always been exchanges of cultural manifestations.

I have been able to achieve all these activities in conjunction with my brethren of the "Cacha Pueblo," we have grown together and are direct representatives of our indigenous "pueblos," undertaking our projects under the name of "GRUPO DUCHICELA" or Duchicela Group.

This organization has served me as a platform for growth and learning in my artistic career, plans and projects.

From 1999 until the present I am identified as "KHAUSAK" which means life existence (constancy, persistence, perseverance). This "KHAUSAK" group is made up of father, sons and relatives who through our music are penetrating the hearts of humanity worldwide, yesterday, today and forever.

Manuel Morocho


Khausak musical group member playing a typical Andean instrument - Manuel Morocho
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